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Helping to Maintain Tissue Health and Naturally Relieve Discomfort

Dog massage

What is Massage Therapy? 

Massage therapy is a form of soft tissue mobilisation designed to aid comfort, healing and relaxation of the body. 


 Scientific research has found many amazing benefits to massage therapy such as increased muscle tone, decreased anxiety, increased range of motion and increased circulation through the body. 


At Furapy, we specialise in clinical massage and canine body work. Using a variety of massage techniques, each massage session is catered for your pet's specific requirements to provide the best care.

Clinical massage therapy is an amazing tool for many different cases including: 

- Pets with chronic conditions (e.g. Osteoarthritis) 

- Pets with acute injury (e.g. sprains and tears)

- Pets recovering from surgery

- Pets suffering with anxiety 

Sporting Pets Love Massage Too!

Sporting pets can benefit hugely from massage therapy between classes and competition.


Massage therapy can help: 

- Improve muscle tone 

- Promote increased flexibility 

- Warm up tissues before work

- Prevent injury 

- Decrease stress levels

Would my Pet Benefit from Massage?

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